Game Development


Games have been a part of human’s lives for as long as one can remember. When technology was not on a rise, children used to make boxes on the floor and play hopscotch or make paper planes to compete which one flew higher.

As technology became part of our lives, there was a shift in the games people play. Human created video games and arcade games which children would indulge in. Slowly there was a boom in technology and with that there was a boom in the types of games available on the market. From video games, to PC games, to consoles to mobile phones and tablets. Now the world is moving towards VR and AR and no one knows where this road may lead.

It is not wrong to say that game development is an ever growing market that holds a lot of untapped potential. Some huge players in the market have also realized this potential and tapped into the treasures of the field.

The ever growing and ever changing demands of this field allow there to be limitless creativity and opportunity. Players are always looking for the next best thing and developers are always trying to meet the ever changing needs. S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. has been creating games for their clients for a while now. The process has to be handled very meticulously and even the simplest game can have the most complex development.

The company’s clients have come to the company for various reasons, wanting different sorts of games for different platforms. S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. has been creating games for many different platforms and enjoyed their journey that has brought them here today where they have polished their skill. There is a flow that the company follows to make sure that the process covers all requirements and the final game is good enough to compete with the other games available in the market.

Some of the key points that the company keeps in mind while developing a game are as follows:


Before S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. starts creating a game, there is a lengthy brainstorming session that takes place. Usually, the client has a very generic idea that they want to build and the details have to be worked on. This is usually the case and the clients are willing to listen to new and innovative ideas that can be incorporated in their design. One of the things that the company does is look for keywords that best work with the game genre and game direction. These keywords allow the game to rank better among the competitors of the game that are creating similar games.

The keywords are, at times, used to bring more depth into the game. The keywords can provide a new edge or direction to the game and make it more interesting by giving the story line of the game a new and much unexpected twist. This allows the games to have a different approach that appeals to the clients.

Making use of these keywords can have a great impact on the performance of the game. Let’s be honest, there are so many games that are well created however, they never seem the light of dawn as they never get discovered in the manner in which they should have been discovered. They never make it to the top because there are so many games out there and they get lost in the sea of available options. It is truly sad to see well-built and entertaining games fall off the shelf just because they were unable to create their mark and reach as many people as possible.

A user is shown a limited amount of games on a screen and research shows that if a user searches a game by a keyword, they tend to download a game that is available on the first page. It is not common practice for users to scan all 100 pages of available games to find the right one. Due to this issues, every game developer is constantly trying to ensure that the game being developed lands on the first search page. This is where the keywords play their part.

The team at S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. researches the appropriate keywords that would be best for the game and then uses these keywords to ensure that the client’s game gets ranked well enough for it to reach the targeted audience.

2D and 3D game design

Games are mainly created in 2 different dimensions. There are 2D games and 3D games. Whether a game will be 2D or 3D is determined on the basis of the game play and what exactly it is that the client wants created.

2D games are linear and move in a restricted manner whereas 3D games are more dynamic and unrestricted, where the user/character can explore their environment in different directions. Therefore, 3D games also require that there should be a proper environment whereas, this is not the case for 2D games.

There is no one better way to develop games, both 2D and 3D games have their pros and cons. Where 2D games offer simple game controls, 3D games offer more realism. Where 2D games may be easier to develop and update, 3D games offer versatility and the ability of create more complexity or depth in the game play.

The team of developers at S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. first listen to the idea of the client and then think what it is that that they actually want to go for. Is it more feasible to go for 2D or 3D? This question can only be answered one the gameplay and story has been decided. Then, depending on which route best suits the gameplay, one of these is chosen. It is important to take one’s time in deciding these seemingly menial details as they can have a huge impact on the outcome of the game being developed.

A gameplay that has a lot of complexity and depth would benefit from a 3D design however, a simpler gamer can be developed in a lot cheaper rates when created in 2D. S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. always keeps their clients aware of all the possible options and their pros and cons. After giving their suggestion they allow the client to make the final decision so that the client can be more satisfied with the final outcome.

Game characters

Most games are centered on a character. This character can be a highly designed and developed with proper features and modeling or it can simply be a space with two button eyes on it. Doesn’t matter how complex or simply the character is, what’s important is the role they play in the game.

The company believes that the character must be well thought out and established in order for it to create an impact in the game. A game can at times be known due to the character in the game. An example of this sort would be the game “Cut the Rope” where the frog plays an integral role in how the game gained its popularity.

The game character must also reflect the age group and the genre of the game. A children’s game should not have a character which is too scary or realistic looking. Similarly, a FPS game should not have a main character which is cartoonish and cute looking.

The illustrators and designers at S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. very carefully select and design the main character for the games. The rest of the game play is then designed in the same theme and design so that the entire frontend becomes a united front.

Game Design

The game design plays a vital role in user retention which is why it is one of the most crucial things for S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. The game design is what keeps a lot of the users interested in the game. The visuals of a game make it attractive. Creating a game that would be visually pleasing for the user is important to make a mark in the users mind.

Over the years, S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. has realized that game design is not just about making the game visually appealing for the user but it has a lot of functional importance as well. A well designed and developed game play makes the game easy to navigate and understand for a new user.

Imagine that a user downloads the game and starts to play it but they can’t understand where to go in the game and they get so confused that they uninstall it. This is not a rare case if the game design is not user friendly and made wisely; keeping in mind how a new user will approach the game and what it is that they will require in order for them to grasp the concept of the game.

Before the start of the development, the design wing of the company creates the complete design and user interface of the game. All the screens are created along with the required assets and icons. This is a lengthy process that goes through multiple rounds of testing to ensure that the designs the company puts out are in line with the image that the company wishes to create for the game.

All icons and assets are designed with a clear objective in mind so that the entire design comes together perfectly and creates a united front. After the designs are created and tested out by the team members of the design wing, these are processed further to the development team who use these designs to create the game.

S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. follows a set method of working to avoid any lags in the work being done. The designs are always created before the development of the game can begin. This allows both the developers and the designers to work in a smooth set manner. The designers start one project and see it through till completion and then move on to the next task. Similarly, the game developers get the required assets for one complete task and don’t need to wait for any designs in the middle of the development.

These practices have allowed S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. to not only deliver quality work to their clients but also allowed them to do so in a reasonable amount of time.

Icons and Promotions

The design wing is not only creating the designs for the game but in many instances they are also creating the marketing material for the game to be uploaded. These marketing materials include the icon, the promo and the screens that are required to launch a game on the game stores.

This may seem like a very simple task as the designs of the main gameplay have already been created but this is far from reality. The marketing materials set the game apart from its competitors and helps the game create a mark in the market.

The game screens made for promotion have to be very carefully created. Usually a total number of six screens are created by the team members, following the standard procedure. These screens must encompass all the different aspects of the game so that the viewer can get a complete idea of all the things that the game has to offer.

There is a very fine line that has to be walked while creating these screens. Between making the game look interesting and ethical selling. S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. is proud of the work that they produce and they are confident that the game in itself is created well enough for it to be interesting for the users. The promos, icon and screens help the client show their potential users what their game has to offer.

These are the first impression of the game. Before the person even downloads the game they get to see these screens. The company makes certain that the client’s game and design are up to par and the client is completely satisfied with what is being delivered to them.

Game Development

Since the games have evolved so much, there has been a great amount of evolution in what is important in a game as well. It is not only about the main game that the company needs to work on but also other smaller details that bring the game together.

Of course, the game play and the design play one of the most important roles in the development of the game but there are other aspects that S.TA.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. likes to add to the game to add depth in the user’s journey through the game.

One of these things is the way a person can achieve victories and share them with others. People love to play games to pass time but they also love to share their achievements with others and compete with friends. This is why in most of the games, the company suggests the client that they consider adding a leaderboard and an achievement column. These seem like smaller details and sometimes the clients do not see their use until they do.

S.TA.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. is not only focused on creating games for their clients but also on making sure that the users that invest their time and energy into these games enjoy them and find them worthy of their energy. The company has realized that users find a game more captivating if they can play it with their friends.

The easiest way to do this would be to make all games multiplayer. However, not all games have a gameplay that supports multiplayer. A good example to understand this would be of an endless runner game. There is no level to complete and the only milestone to achieve is beating your own score. Adding a leaderboard to such a game allows users to compare their best with that of their friends. This adds a touch of competition to the game which makes it more exciting for most of the players.

Similarly, when there are achievements to be unlocked in a game, the user gets more interested in achieving these goals in the game and sharing their journey with their friends.

A Memorable Client

There are many clients that S.T.A.R.S (Pvt. Ltd.) has worked with and the journey with all of these clients has been a memorable one however; there is one client who always stands out for the company and their story has always inspired the team members.

One of the clients contacted the company and said that they wanted to get a game created where a solider has to kill the enemy and then leave the warzone while carrying a wounded solider. It sounded like an interesting idea however; when having a discussion about how the game play can be made more attractive, the client did not wish to add or subtract anything in the game and wanted it created exactly how they had explained.

The client would always remark that although they really liked the ideas provided by the company, he does not wish to add them to his game. So the deal was signed and the clients work was started. Throughout the development of the game, whenever the progress of the game was shared with the client, he would only ask us to reconfirm that the game was being made exactly how he had asked. The team would reassure that no changes were made to the game and then the client would get satisfied with the work being done.

Once the game was completed and the projected was handed over to the client, he saw the entire project and remarked that he was glad that there were no changes made to the details that he has asked for. At this point the team members got curious and asked the client that what it was about these details that was so important to him. To which he replied that the game was for his older brother who had served the nation and lost his best friend in a crossfire.

The entire game was a reenactment of the events of that crossfire with only one difference, the hero of the game, who represented the client’s brother, would save his friend and escape. Learning the meaning behind the game and what it meant to someone made the team members feel delighted that they were able to be part of something so special in a persons life.


The clients of S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. are always satisfied with the work that is being produced and delivered to them. This is due to numerous reasons. From the fact that the company always certifies that the work being delivered is top of the line to the fact that the client’s vision is always given utmost importance. All of these reasons combined, make S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. a favorite for those who work with the company.

Unlike most companies, S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. is not just focused on growing themselves but the goal is to make sure that the products being created for the client helps them grow larger as a business as well. This desire for mutual growth and prosperity gives the company some extra motivation to go out of their way when developing games.

The company is largely focused on creativity and innovation. Every day there is a new idea that the team members are entertaining and every single person on the team is always looking to innovate something that the creative world has yet to encounter. This urge for creativity, an organized mode of work, talented developers and motivated creators are the reason that clients who work with the company almost always come back for other projects that they want to work on.

These skills are not created over night and it is not a mundane task to get where S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. has reached over the years. It has taken endless nights and countless hours to perfect the ways and get to this point where the company works like clockwork and everything is so impeccably organized. S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. is focused on perfecting their work even further and producing even better games for their clients.


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