Our Office

Our Workplace

The Office

We are proud of our expansions and how we have managed to increase our team every year. However, we are proud of our humble beginnings and all that we have achieved since then.

Where We Started

Although an expansion provides everyone with an adrenaline rush, there’s a tinge of nostalgia about leaving an old office. We had some great moments there. When we had moved into our old office, we were not who we are now. Hence, the old office has played a role in our growth and development. The old office space held the creative energy space that aided us to grow and prosper even through a pandemic! We are proud of where we came from and view our old office to remind ourselves of the journey that has brought us where we are. Here are just a few sentimental pictures as a token of gratitude to the old office.

The New Office

Bird View

The Details

The first part is like a bird view making sure the main aspects are covered. Here we looked after the overall design and requirements of the office. Making sure the essentials are not overlooked and the new office has everything that we need. The second part was more focused on the smaller intricate details such as who will sit where, what’s the best place for the office fridge etc.
So, where are we actually moving? This building has 3 floors and we have taken an entire floor! The most amazing part about the office is the ideal location where it is situated. Sitting right on top of a bank, the office is in a highly secure location!
When we came to this office, one could not imagine it would end up looking like it does now. Our team did not shy away from doing tasks and lending a hand wherever needed. The team members played their part in the shifting process voluntarily as our team feels like the office is their second home!
Stair Case

The Entrance

The new office has been a heart warming shift as the new office was constructed from scratch! The rooms and partitions were all constructed to fit the requirements of the work force. Moving from a tower with multiple offices and shared lifts to an entire floor with an independent passage is one of the best perks of the new office. As we are always focused on the comfort of our employees, this new office allows us to better ensure that our female employees do not face any sort of discomfort when coming to the office.
Waiting Area

The Reception

As soon as you enter the office you are welcomed by the coolest waiting area. Chic and comfy chairs for visitors, the company icon lit up on the wall and everything decorated in the theme of the company colors; this area represents the professional yet comfortable feel of the office.

Office Design

The Accent Wall

From the waiting area leading up to the offices is an accent wall that was designed and painted in-house! Our team was so excited about the design that we had finalized that they wished to paint this wall themselves! The end result? An accent wall that adds not just design but a sense of ownership to the office!
Meeting Room

The Interior Design of One of Our Offices.

Designated Offices

The Departments

The departments all have their own designated rooms so that the team members can work in the manner that best suits their department. Each office department is designed according to the company colors.

Outside The Office Window

The View

Another great thing about the new office is the view! The office windows look straight out at Cavalry Ground Park. Sitting in the cafeteria, the team members can enjoy the pleasant view to go with their evening cup of chai!

The new office shift has proven to be worth every effort. It is more aligned with the company culture and the environment that the company wishes to create. We can’t wait to dip into phase 2 of our office transformation and move towards greater things!

Prayer Area

The Namaz Corner

Another great addition was made to the office as we recognized the need for it in our old office. We realized how much we needed a designated space for praying and especially how essential this was for women. We created a prayer corner in our office as well so that the women can pray in privacy without any hesitation or discomfort!