Working Process

Our Mode Of Work

Not only do we develop our own products, we develop various different products for our clients. As a service based company, this is the path we follow


Our Process starts by talking to the client to understand their needs. We define the milestones of our service and the expected end results.


Based on our communication with the client we come up with the best route that is most suitable for our client. We share work progress with clients which allows the client to explore an interactive blueprint of what their final product will look like.

Quality Testing

Once the product is created, it is tested by multiple people to make sure that it is user friendly and easy to navigate. Designs are then finalized and only then delivered to the client.


Our Proud Partnerships


Corporate Responsibility

  • WEI
  • Harassment
  • Diversity
  • Inclusion

Women Empowerment Initiative

Gender Balance has been our priority and it helped us to increase the number of women at all levels in the organization. We wish to always remain a gender balanced company by creating conditions in our work environment that enable an annual increase in the percentage of women line managers and leaders.
S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. is proud to announce the launch of the Women’s Empowerment Initiative; an initiative that seeks to mentor, motivate and empower women to become leaders in all aspects of their lives. Our initiative on women empowerment includes

  • Formulation of Gender Neutral Policies
  • Accommodations that Favor Women in the Work Force
  • Maternity Protection Policy


Our anti-harassment policy expresses our commitment to maintain a work environment that is free of harassment, so our team members can feel safe and comfortable. We have a zero tolerance policy for any one intimidating, humiliating or sabotaging others in the office. We make a conscious effort to prohibit wilful discrimination based on age, gender, ethnicity, race, religion or disability. At S.T.A.R.S. (Pvt.) Ltd. the workplace harassment policy applies to all employees, contractors, public visitors, customers and anyone whom the employees come in contact with at the work place. These policies allow the employees to work in a secure environment without feeling any discomfort.


At S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. we respect diversity in the office which means that we are open to varying thoughts, cultures and all facets of society. We believe in openness and inclusivity in all of our interactions both inside and outside of our company. Diversity is an integral part of the S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. culture. We are focused on providing an environment that provides equal opportunities for all our employees; a place where people are treated with dignity and respect. We are constantly expanding our efforts to strengthen this inclusive culture and promote an openness amongst team members. This allows us to leverage an array of unique skill sets, experiences and knowledge of our diverse team members.


If there is one thing that S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. is most proud of, it is the fact that we have been inclusive of all different team members since the very beginning. We are not only inclusive of all genders, we are inclusive of people from different races, religions, cultures and towns. Every team member is welcomed in a similar manner and provided with opportunities based solely on their persistent hard work in the office. Our initiatives on inclusivity include:
  • Development opportunities: mentoring and growth for employees
  • A flexible and supportive work environment
  • Role model events, round tables and team discussions
  • Leadership development training and unbiased promotions
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