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Whenever a company comes into existence, it plows seeds of the mission that serve as a foundation for the company to stand on. This mission helps a company describe and distinguish the path that the company, as a whole, and the team members, have to stride on to assist the company in making its vision into a reality. The vision and mission statements of an organization are not simply a note for internal communication; they are also a strong message sent out by the company for others. The mission statement of a company helps to describe the values and the priorities set forward by an organization. Developing a well-rounded mission statement compels the contriver to ponder upon the nature and the scope of the company’s operations in the present day and to analyze the prospective attractiveness of future markets and pursuits.

“A highly developed values system is like a compass. It serves as a guide to point you in the right direction when you are lost.”

― Idowu Koyenikan

Whether you are starting a new business endeavor or reevaluating the current goals, mission statements and vision of your company; these statements are an efficient mode of conveying a lot of information with just a few words. They demonstrate the organizational values of your company to both; your team members along with the general public. It allows all the top management and the key employees to perform in a manner that leads the company to attain the short and the long term objectives that have been envisioned by the organization. A well versed mission statement serves as an attractive way to show what your company stands for and the bright future prospects of your company.


There are many benefits that a company can derive from a meticulously defined mission and vision statement. However, the most recognizable of these benefits is that these statements serve as a navigation tool for the organization. The prosperity and growth of an organization are dependent on achieving the short and the long term goals mapped out by the company. By identifying the intent of your work, you will be better equip to understand the goals that your organization is striving to accomplish. It allows the team members to feel connected and in sync with the company as they align their work with the goals of the company: this connectivity of the team members with the company allows each and every individual to remain famished for success and driven to reach the end line with zeal and zest. Once the goals are finalized, the company along with the team can develop a sound strategy to accomplish them. The higher you aim to build your organization from the ground up, the deeper your foundation should be set. Only then, an organization can flourish with stability through all the testing times to come.

“Your mission statement, vision statement, core values, and service standards provide a clear focus for all while keeping your team humble and hungry. It creates that family environment in which your employees enjoy coming to work and dealing with the challenges they face each day.”

― Amber Hurdle


At S.T.A.R.S Corporation, we have thought long and hard before designing the vision statement of the company. We understand that the vision lays the blueprint for the architecture of the company’s success. It allows our team members to have a tunnel vision when it comes to focusing their energy and directing their efforts. The company vision stays with the employees and is considered before making any decisions. The fact that the vision of the company has been defined in a statement, allows the organization to isolate the quintessential part of the company’s purpose and highlight it. It is not formulated to simply provide your employees with a boost of energy in the initial stages of the company. Instead, it allows the company to assist and guide the team members through their entire professional journey; with the changes that occur over time, the fluctuating regulations intra company, the shift from on job description to the next, through promotions and even through rough patches that are faced by the company. This acts as a glue that keeps the company from defaulting and restricts the employees from running haywire in every direction.

The vision statement of S.T.A.R.S Corporation is as follows:

Enhancing the competitive advantage of Pakistan’s software export industry among Asian countries by the tutelage and empirical edification of technical human resource through skill development and the delivery of persistent quality in IT services.

Whenever S.T.A.R.S Corporation is combatting through market related issues, inside and outside of the organization, the vision statement of the company allows the prevention of team members from deterring away into a state of unproductivity and keeps their attention focused and aligned with the end goal of the organization.

The mission statement of S.T.A.R.S Corporation chiefly illustrates the future direction of the organization. It allows the people working inside the company, along with people interacting with the company to have a clear understanding of where the company is headed. The mission statement of S.T.A.R.S Corporation is as follows:

S.T.A.R.S Corporation is a community, welcoming people from different cultures who believe passionately in the magnification of Pakistan’s software export industry. We want to help turn client’s ideas into reality while empowering each other as a team. This is how we contribute to society while ensuring skill maturation of the technical human resource and delivery of persistent quality in IT services; resulting in the long term prosperity of the company.

The mission statement of the company serves as a constant reminder to its team members as to why the company was initiated and why it still exists. It allows the team members to comprehend what the founder envisioned when the put his name, his career, his finances and his time in jeopardy, simply to breathe life into his dreams of doing something bigger than himself; for the benefit of something greater than his own personal life.

“Values aren’t buses… They’re not supposed to get you anywhere. They’re supposed to define who you are.”

― Jennifer Crusie

The well mapped out vision and mission statements of S.T.A.R.S Corporation allows the company to open doors for new, innovative ideas. This may be the truest value of constructing a vision and a mission statement. It helps the company to maintain their solid foundation and simultaneously, shift their view of how to get the work done in the most efficient manner. This makes S.T.A.R.S Corporation aim for untouched, unraveled and unchartered routes in a conquest to deliver the best outputs in the most effective way possible.

The mission of the company helps to shape the culture of the company. It allows the team members to have a vivid understanding of not only how the company is supposed to work but also about the culture of the company and the expectation from the individuals. The company’s culture plays an integral part in the employee’s happiness. It also allows your company to attract like-minded people who are better aligned with the culture of the company and this in turn helps the employee satisfaction when they are working with you. Office culture is quite a significant factor of the company architecture and the organizational structure as a whole because it sheds light on the core values, employee motivation, and decision making aspects of the firm. It also works as a template for decision making in the firm. It allows people in the organization to understand how to make decisions and what elements needs to be kept in mind when certain options are being considered. Without these mission and vision statements, the company would not be able to make decisions that are focused towards a single goal and a single direction.

“Without a vision and a mission, your company can be termed as a ‘Bull’ set free in the busy streets of the corporate world”

― Henrietta Newton Martin

As S.T.A.R.S Corporation grew, it started to establish many departments and there was a huge rise in hiring new employees. With every step of growth, the company was faced with the risk of losing their unique culture and their acceleration towards growth. It might go array from its focus. To cater to these issues S.T.A.R.S Corporation established their vision and mission statements very early on and kept modifying these statements as per the requirement of the age and time. These statements help the mission of the company from becoming unimportant and ensures that it receives due attention from the individual team members, the departments, the higher employers and the organization as a whole. Mission statement should be openly shared intra company so that every single person working in the company or with the company has a reference point at all times.

For consistency in work, the mission and the vision of the company should be as clear as possible. A company should make sure that the statements are so clear that it leaves no room for incorrect interpretation. S.T.A.R.S Corporation made sure that different departments of the company review the mission and vision statements before going public with them, to ensure that the entire company could voice their thoughts about the representation of the company that will be displayed to the general public.


S.T.A.R.S Corporation is not only aiming for the growth of the company but also towards the betterment of the community. It was not a very difficult task for the company to create a vision statement as the vision was the driving force behind starting the company in the first place. When the company was being initiated, the foundations being set for the company were deeply strengthened by the idea of serving a higher purpose. It wouldn’t have been possible for the company to thrive through so many different hurdles if they did not have a clear sense of purpose. The vision of the company allowed the company and all of its team members to stick together and work towards a united goal of bringing change.

Pakistan is a developing country and there are many hurdles that are being faced by the nation. Even through all of the changes that may be occurring in the country, the nation has managed to land many noticeable achievements. With universities that rank amongst the top 200 universities in the world for computer science and information technology and rank in the top 1000 universities of the world over all, according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2020. It is evident that the education system has the potential to support the talent and help the students learn the latest and most applicable knowledge that will help them in the field work by providing them with an equal opportunity compared to students who study abroad.

S.T.A.R.S Corporation aims to take this refinement process one step further by providing the team members with an opportunity to expand their domain by getting the vastest experience of empirical learning possible. The software company is working with many tech stacks and it is providing an extensive variety of services to their clients. This allows the team members to work with multiple different tech stacks which provides the team members to flourish and grow in directions that they might not have been able to traverse anywhere else.

The company was built on the foundation to bring the available talent in the limelight and polish talent that is still undeveloped and raw. S.T.A.R.S Corporation is a software house that has originated in Pakistan. The company has many different departments, from technical developer’s team, all the way to the creative production team. The company has set its sight on improving the quality and quantity of the software export that is generated from Pakistan. To make sure that this is possible, the company works towards the education and the learning of their team members; polishing their natural skills and allowing them to perfect their craft by providing them opportunities of practical learning. The S.T.A.R.S Corporation team is focused on the maintenance of quality that is so consistent that the client can trust the product with their eyes closed. It is exactly this consistency that makes S.T.A.R.S Corporation a brand that resonates with reliability.

The company is actively working towards refining the work that is being generated by the technical team. S.T.A.R.S Corporation is a firm believer that in the fertile land of Pakistan, there are seeds of intellect just waiting to bloom. This is where S.T.A.R.S Corporation comes in. The company works as a water sprinkler; providing the appropriate environment to guarantee that the seed can bloom to its full potential. The company recognizes that there is availability of talent in Pakistan, however, it requires hard work and perseverance for this talent to accomplish new heights of achievement that the people of this nation are capable of. S.T.A.R.S Corporation aims to take these capabilities of the nation’s talent and assist these talented individuals to have a platform where they can showcase all that they can accomplish if provided the proper conditions and growth environment.


Once the company had a clear vision in sight, this lead the company to create a mission statement that resonates with everything the company stands for. Every year Pakistan produces around an average of 80,000 computer science graduates. With that being said, the market for a computer scientist is still growing and requires a little more time to completely develop. A lot of these graduates do have the knowledge about the field; however, they face hardship in implementing this knowledge in the real world. This is where S.T.A.R.S Corporation comes in. It is a community that focuses on the skills of people irrespective of their color, their race, their background, or the differences in their culture.

The company is based on the coming together of a group of like-minded, patriotic individuals who believe that with a little effort and persistence, they can improve and magnify the export of software services from Pakistan into the rest of the world. S.T.A.R.S Corporation believes in balance. They believe that along with the empowerment of the team members, it is quintessential to stay consistent in the work that is being provided to the customers. Creating this balance may not be an easy task, however, the company believes that it isn’t impossible either.

“We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.”

― Alan Turing, Computing machinery and intelligence

S.T.A.R.S Corporation views the software and technology market with a very neutral perspective. On one hand, the company is highly client centric; always making sure that the client is provided with what was promised and trying to surpass their expectations to create projects and services that leave the client in utter admiration of the end result. On the other hand, the company is highly employee centric. It focuses on the skill development of the available human resource and continually aims to expand the level of maturity in the work of the team members. Most companies would fail to attain such high standards over time, however, S.T.A.R.S Corporation has, over time, created a circle of individuals that are aligned with the culture of the company. This allows each individual to also be intrinsically motivated to be part of an organization that aims to work towards a greater good and envisions a positive future outcome for Pakistan that translates into long term prosperity and sustainability for the nation as well as the company.


S.T.A.R.S Corporation has always taken their mission and vision very seriously. They understand that to attain high goals, it is essential to strategically organize and define a roadmap for the company to walk on. A clear path allows the team members to focus their energies on what is important and channel their efforts in a productive manner; that leads the company towards their end goal. It also allows the company to attain small term goals more efficiently. For a company to strive towards a united higher goals, it is required that they work with like-minded people, in a culture that helps to give rise to productivity and teamwork. A clear statement explaining what the company stands for and what it aims to achieve, allows all the employees to be on one page; whether it is the direction of the work being produced or the decisions being taken inside the company or even if it’s the manner in which the company interacts with the customers or potential partners.

“Create a vision for the life you really want and then work relentlessly towards making it a reality.”

― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Pakistan is an unchartered sea of talent that is only suffering due to the lack of representation. It merely requires a platform that allows the people of Pakistan to come forward and display their skills and further polish them to become unbeatable in their respective domains. To help become a family that strives to achieve these goals in their life, S.T.A.R.S Corporation developed their clearly outlined vision and mission statements. From the very beginning of paving a way forward in an effort to accomplish the short and long term goals, working as an integral part of the S.T.A.R.S Corporation, defining the work culture of the office space to help in formulating a tactful strategy; the mission and vision statements are one of the most essential elements of the company’s structure and the manner in which the brand is formulated. It is one of the responsibilities and obligation of the company’s management and the core team members of the organization to realize and follow through the significance and importance of the mission and vision statements. These statements don’t only assist in the initiation of the business operations of the company but they also help during the complete journey of the organization towards the attainment of their aims and objectives.

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