THEMES A theme is a design that specifies the appearance and functionality of a website. In the world of I.T, we totally believe that the “first impression is the most important”. It only takes less than half a minute for visitors to make an opinion on whether to stay on the website or not. While […]


APPLICATIONS The widespread use of mobile devices, as well as their rapid progress, has boosted the usage of good apps. It will be tough to attract people and outperform competitors if you do not have a user friendly application. Businesses that do not have a good app are missing out on opportunities to engage with […]


After social networking apps, game apps are perhaps the most popular smartphone apps. Furthermore, according to some research, mobile phone users spend about 86 percent of their daily time on mobile applications, with social media and game apps being the most popular. Rapid distribution of portable mobile devices has resulted in expansion of the mobile […]


INTRODUCTION: S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. has recently developed and built on multiple plugins as products. A plugin allows users the possibility of customizing the basic functionality of an application. We create plugins that fill market gaps and supply users with functionalities which are not already available at affordable prices. Providing multiple functionalities within a single plugin; […]