S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. has recently developed and built on multiple plugins as products. A plugin allows users the possibility of customizing the basic functionality of an application. We create plugins that fill market gaps and supply users with functionalities which are not already available at affordable prices. Providing multiple functionalities within a single plugin; we deliver a compact solution for your business requirements.


There are many plugins that are available in the market today. To surpass their competitors, S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. focuses on providing a certain standard of work to their users. This has given the company a reputation of providing great quality and trustworthy products. Some of the features that these plugins share are as follows:


To create an exceptional plugin, it is important to consider how the user will interact with it. It should be easy to maintain and manage by the user. S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. aims at developing user-friendly plugins that are easy to integrate into any website. Users of these plugins find it easy to utilize the plugin even when additional features are added to the website or extended functionalities are incorporated.

The plugins are tested to ensure that they have been developed in a manner that allows them to be more compatible with other plugins being used on the website, to ensure seamless functionality.


No matter how advanced a plugin may be or how well it is developed, there is always room for improvements and updates. The company recognizes this need for refinement and regularly updates their plugins. This allows the users of these plugins to benefit from the latest features that can be integrated seamlessly.

These updates allow the plugins to remain relevant with the changing requirements of the market and also ensure that the plugins run bug free and without facing any crashes.


It is important to ensure that every product that is created meets the quality standards being maintained by the company. This is why each product created by the company goes through extensive rounds of testing. In the testing phase, the quality assurance specialists ensure that the plugins are free from any bugs and errors. The plugin is tested with multiple different websites so that there is no room left for mistakes.


The developed plugins are well rounded and curated with features that do not crash and function seamlessly. This consistent stability being promised by the company allows the users to establish trust in the products being offered under the company name. The users understand that they are not simply picking a random plugin, they are choosing quality.


As the company develops more exciting products, the team members have polished their work patterns and procedures to allow for a more streamlined workflow. This is quintessential to the work as it allows the company to work in a more organized manner and not make the same mistake twice. There are certain aspects of the work that the team really takes care of to ensure that the work quality and time efficiency are increasing with each passing day. Some of these aspects of work are:


The company fully plans the plugin before any development can be started on the project. This allows the developers to code according to the different needs of the plugin. An example of this is the scalability of a plugin. If the company feels that this plugin will be expanded in the later stages of its development, the use of classes, separate style sheets, and script files is made in keeping the code organized. This makes the long-term maintenance of the plugin easier.


The company always renders a white screen of death WSoD whenever any public user directly accesses the .php files through URL. This is essential as the files sometimes contain some I/O operations which can eventually be triggered and cause unexpected behavior. The company adds a small snippet to the code to prevent users from accessing files directly and makes sure that the plugin will be executed within the WordPress environment only.


People sometimes come across plugins and features that they cannot customize according to their requirements. They are unable to see any action/filter hooks provided by the plugin developer in order to extend the capabilities of the plugin.

To make sure users do not face such issues, S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. develops plugins that always provide action/ filter hooks to allow other people to extend their capabilities according to their needs. 


The company ensures that the plugin does not generate any type of errors as this can potentially reveal information. On the production site, the company has a good system for catching errors and logging them to a file. An extensive quality assurance is done by the team members so that the product being delivered is up to the quality standards that the company provides and takes great pride in. 


It is important for the company that their users have the best possible experience when they utilize our plugins in their application. To ensure that the users do not face any hurdles, the company offers community support to their plugin users. This allows the users to clear any confusion and utilize the plugins easily, making the plugins more popular among our users. 


The company realizes that there are many lags and gaps in the available functionalities in the application. This is where the plugins come in. Although there are many plugins available for use, it is difficult to find plugins that offer multiple functionalities that are cost effective as well.

S.T.A.R.S (Pvt.) Ltd. aims at creating plugins that can be both cost effective and high in quality for their users to enjoy. This allows the company to create one-of-a-kind plugins that are both practical and efficient. With frequent updates and bug fixes, the company ensures that the users never have to face any issues.

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